Handy Features of PAR

How People Are Using PAR

Stay up to date with your attendance on competitions & target shoots to be completed throughout the year

Allows storage of Firearm, Serial numbers & PRN of users’ hand guns

Allows attendance record & report keeping up to date with your obligations needed

It's Easy to..

Manage your account

Allows users to view and edit their own profile anywhere at anytime, enabling electronic signature for a full privacy protection.

Secure attendance records

Safely streamlines attendance reporting to save time and paperwork more than beneficial in today’s environment.

Manage your firearm

Allows users to manage firearm as well as adding new ones anywhere at anytime.

All Integrated with PAR Dashboard


PAR allows all shooters to log 5 minutes worth of paperwork with the click of a button, allowing shooters to record their attendances with the click of a button. The app also keeps a tally of what classes you have shot and how many times allowing YOU to know quick and easy if you are meeting your attendance requirements.

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The data is stored on Amazon Web Service (AWS) server with is ASIC accredited cloud service provider with server admin certificate authentication. It uses the strongest available encryption that is available commercially to ensure that communication between device and server is secure to government / industry standards. No personal identifiable information is stored on the server. To make sure that the data is available to all your devices a copy of the data is kept on the secure server.

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The app will email you your completed form anytime you request it through the click of a button. You could also login to your account at https://attendance.desertsoftware.systems/ to view all your records from year to year if records from a previous period is required

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The PAR App uses several servers to run, to keep our product running as smoothly as possible for our users, we need to ensure they (the servers) are kept up to date and continue to run optimally, which ensures a better working product for every user.

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